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Term paper sample

In the preparation and registration of a term paper, used two types of notes:

  • text notes;
  • bibliographic references.

Text notes are made in the event that material is interesting (in the opinion of the author of the work). Additional material may interfere with the perception of the text of the work, although it has a direct connection with the topic.

Bibliographic references contain bibliographic information about the sources of information contained in the text of the course work. Bibliography link confirms that the material, quote, etc. borrowed by the author of the course work in a document, monograph or other edition.

The text of the quotation and is given in the grammatical form in which it is given in the source while preserving the peculiarities of the author’s writing.

The citation should be complete, without arbitrary reduction of the quoted text and without distortion of the author’s thoughts. The omission of words and sentences is allowed without distortion of the text and is indicated by an ellipsis.

In the course work, bibliographic references should be brief.

When repeating references to the same object, bibliographic references are distinguished:

  • primary, in which bibliographic information is given for the first time in this document;
  • the previously mentioned bibliographic information is repeated in abbreviated form.

If there are several reference objects, they are combined into one complex bibliographic reference. They can include both primary and repeated links.

The so-called “indirect links,” in which the author of the term paper takes a quotation from some research, are not allowed.

Footnotes must be numbered in Arabic numerals for the entire work. It is not allowed to use any marking symbols for numbering notes.

A prepared and properly executed course work is tentatively submitted to the supervisor, who approves the work to protect, by signing the date on the title page of the work. Course work must be submitted to the supervisor at least one week before the approved term of protection.

The ability to speak to an audience, the skills of a competent and accessible presentation to students of a material unfamiliar to them earlier is an integral part of the qualifications of a specialist of any profile.