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Term paper outline

The properly made outline will reduce the unnecessary flow of information and will not allow the exchange rate to have an unacceptable size. In addition, thanks to the outline, you can save the time needed to write a term paper. If a work is scheduled for April, then in September it is necessary to begin work on the selection of topics. After selecting a topic, you can begin the work related to the search for literature and start writing an outline, which can later be changed and adjusted, but the approximate direction will already be. In reality, preparation, writing, and delivery take place in such a short time, which affects the quality of work and subsequent evaluation.

A brief description of the central and minor issues are the essence of the course plan. The main sections and paragraphs should be clearly formulated and highlighted. When searching for literature, it will be convenient to mark the necessary extracts or photocopies of sheets.

Acting on existing standards, term paper should consist of an introduction, the central section, and conclusions. The introduction should:

  • Show the relevance of the chosen topic and its scientific novelty.
  • Tell why this particular topic aroused interest.
  • Justify the objectives and goals of the study.
  • Determine the main methods of researching a given problem.

The main part of the course work should make the narration of the results. It usually contains 3-4 sections, which in its composition may have the required number of subsections. Coursework in finished form should have 25 pages of the printed text of 14 font size and one and a half line spacing.

In the first section, it is customary to talk about the theoretical aspects of the chosen topic. The essence of the problem is being uncovered, its practical and theoretical position is being considered, and a comparative analysis of existing approaches to the study of the problem is being made.

The second section is devoted to the practical side of the studied issue, without neglecting the existing difficulties and various improvements in this area.

The third section is devoted to recommendations and solutions to the problem under study.